©David Michael Carpenter

Youíve got plenty of answers,
but itís still not clear
Whoís been doing your thinking,
whoís got your ear
Youíve been saying that Godís just a story
And itís there just to play on fear
While Iím supose to sit here
and mind my business,
Ďcause the truth isnít welcome here

Well Iíve got a flash
from the newsroom in heaven
And Iím sure youíre just dying to hear,
Itís a brand new deal,
itís a brand new deal

Take 20 minutes from your busy schedule and,
take a look inside
Youíve got religion in your dark little closet,
and itís name is pride
Youíve been fighting
with the kingdom of heaven,
but his name is peace
Heís got the freedom and the satisfaction,
and heís giving you the keys

Well Iím not talking Ďbout some man-made
religion, or the guy in the suit on tv
Ďcause itís a brand new deal,
itís a brand new deal.