PLAYING: Don't Look Back
ęDavid Michael Carpenter

All the things that really matter,
All the things that you've been told.
Things that really keep you in your past.
Are the things that give you heartache,
The things you will not change.
Things that Jesus nailed up to the cross.

He has bought your past,
with his nail scarred hands,
And he's living for the living from here on.
You are free at last by his nail scarred hands,
Keep your hands to the plowshare,
Don't look back

You can drive down the freeway with your back against the wheel,
Try to keep the car straight if you can.
If you turn and face the windshield you will have a better view,
You might see the journey ain't so bad

You can live tomorrow,
you can live in yesterday,
Worry 'bout the future and the past.
But it really stands to reason that you'll stumble and you'll fall,
If you don't live the time within your grasp.