ęDavid Michael Carpenter

I was rapt in the Spirit on a Sunday morn,
When a blast from a trumpet
spoke his mighty Word.
I'm the first I'm the last
I'm the Lord of Lords,
In my eyes are fire,
In my mouth's the sword.
He holds the scepter in his strong right hand,
He is the Lord who will rule this land.
...rule this land...strong right hand

One of these days and it will be soon,
We'll see the Son He will ride right through.
Jesus is coming and it will be soon,
His face is shining like sun at noon.
...sun at noon...riding through

His eyes on fire and his feet like brass,
He'll smoke the devil at the trumpet blast.
His is the kingdom and the power too,
He's coming for us what you gonna' do?
...eyes of fire ...feet like brass

His face is shinning like the mid-day sun,
He rules for ever he's the risen one.
He will be comin' in the clouds this way,
You're eyes will see Him,
You can't run away.
...mid-day sun...risen one...

His hair and head glowing white as snow,
His breast is girdled with a sash of gold.
Waiting for no one on his judgment day,
The time is coming He is on his way.
...he's on his way...on his way

When I saw Him with me
I just dropped like lead,
"I have the keys to release the dead
I've been to Hades and I broke the curse,
I am the last and I am the first
...I'm the last...I'm the first"

"write these things you're about to see,
Speak to the churches they must follow me.
They are the stars in my candle stand,
Where are my people who will be my hands.
...follow my hands"

Seven is the number of the church today,
Two of them holy but there's five astray.
What is the reason for the state we're in?
Time to change before He comes again.
...time to change...five astray...