Copyright Guidelines

Copyright Guidelines for Articles

Feel free to copy articles from
Please include the entire article and do not modify it.

Restrictions to Use of Articles:
Permission is granted for use in free publications only.
Must include the resource information below.

1991-2012 Jeffrey L. Nape

You do not need to ask me directly for permission to copy these articles as long as you follow these guidelines. However, if you intend to copy a large number of articles, please ask permission first. If you would like to do something outside these reprint guidelines, or are not certain what is permissible, please contact me with a description of what your intentions are so I may consider them.

Copyright Guidelines for Non-Article Writings

Please ask permission before copying any non-article writings, such as:

        Evangelism: The Ministry of Reconciliation
        9/11 America Under Attack: Poochie Responds
        Bible Reference Aid: Bible Verses by Book

Thank you.

Jeffrey L. Nape

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