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Radically Free! Quenching the Flames

Excerpts from by Jeff Nape (external links)

Embrace the gift of God's grace.

Bless you Christian...come find are only waiting to embrace the gift of God's grace to do so...take a risk and grasp it with both hands... Salvation is Simple.

Just dive in!

You sit and justify both sides of the issue until you can't make up your mind. Might as well be sitting beside a swimming pool, "too cold, too cold," you say every time you stick your toe in the water. Just dive in, and be surprised at life! Love:The Greatest Commandment.

Free falling

Sometimes you can't get the flood of images and thoughts to stop washing over and through you. You have to throw caution to the wind and just let yourself fall. Yes there is a time when you must simply free fall. You will fall into the hands of a God of love. The Spirit of Life Set Me Free.

Let go!

Still trying to experience the leading of the Holy Spirit? Then let go of the steering wheel with both hands! Stop controlling and let the Holy Spirit keep you on course! Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the answer!

As we live for Christ, we will be used by Him to help others come to the same conclusion that we have: that Jesus is the answer. God's Spirit is Moving.

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Quenching the Flames


PLAYING: Brand New Day
©David Michael Carpenter
Dave is a composer/musician from Vancouver B.C., Canada. He really has a heart for leading others to Christ. And for encouraging those who are already Christians to deepen their faith and their relationship with God. Sharing his love for Christ is what his music is all about.

He has written the songs on five CD's and performs all the instruments, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and keyboards, plus all the engineering, recording, production, and artwork. This is very different, intensely personal stuff.

You can't find a better friend and brother than in Dave.

Listen to David Michael Carpenter's music.

Listen to She Is There. (Lyrics by Jeff Nape)

I created a site that deals with bipolar disorder: A Fascination for Life. Below is the contents for the page titled "Bipolar Tag".

What’s in a Word?
       Precision of Language
       Depression and Bipolar Disorder
       Describing and Evaluating Behavior
A Matter of Balance
       Good Versus Bad, Parts Versus the Whole
       My Magnificence
       Touched by the Disease
Naughty, or Just Plain Nasty?
       Fun and Games
       Interchangeable Parts
       No Shame Here
No Rules or New Rules?
       Note from Home
       Phase of Treatment
You’re Not the Only One with Problems
       A Challenge
       Heading Toward Mental Wellness
       The Real Truth
       So Who’s Perfect?

Did anything pique your curiosity? Visit and read Bipolar Tag.


For various aspects of prayer, visit Finally Free Forever: Focus of Prayers.

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